Alina German is a Central Saint Martin’s graduate born in Vladivostok, Russia, in 1985.

The fascinating journey of Alina German began in 2002, while working as the principal stylist on a number of high profile music videos, film and television shows. Her natural creativity and visionary aesthetic, not only amazed her clients, but captured the attention of celebtrities and the social elite. As the demand gor her custom creation grew, Alina decided to pursue her lifelong dream of creating her own line.

It was like a wakeup call. I got to the point where I’d be on set for 4am call times, wrap at 6pm and then work late at night on custom creations.Between all this I still found time to sketch for collections that I knew one day I’d create.

Her first collection - «Footprints» debuted in 2004 to sensational reviews. Her usage of provocative imagery, coupled with intricate detailing was applauded by fashion critics and written about in numerous fashion publications. Her collection debute was unlike most new designers, as Alina enlisted her high profile model friends ( Svetlana Kudinova, Anna Jukova, Naomi Campbell) to walk the runway. Never one to «stay in her lane» and fueled by the success of her subsequent collections, Alina opens CAVIAR, a multi-brand boutique stocking luxury apparel and accessories including her own. Located in St Petersburg downtown, the retail store becomes a destination for fashion aficionados.

While the provocative nature of Alina’s core creativity still remained, the designer’s signature style of rebellion and agression, soon gave way to a more exaggerated feminine silhouette with clean architectural-like lines. In 2010 Alina German debuted her Fall/Winter collection at the Paris International Exhibition - ZipZone. The show received rave reviews and Alina received orders for boutiques in the US, Kuwait and Asia.

In 2011 Alina’s SS11 cjllection was shown at the Salon in Paris Tranoi, as well as in Tokyo and New York. In true Alina German style, she simultaneously graduated from the prestigious school of Central Saint Martins in London and presented her SS13 collection.